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Claire Idan-Sun

Sound Healing & Mentorship

for Visionaries and Creatives

Unleash your Creativity & Become a Fountain of Change

.... Because you Know you're Here for a Reason

Image by Natalia Tabarez

Every single one of us comes to Earth with an important piece of the human puzzle.

You sense how your essence wants to fully burn

and be expressed in your life,

finally touch the world around you

...but (oh boy!) it feels so vulnerable to dare...

In our work together I guide you closer

to get to know it better,

be healed,

be transformed,

& be taught by it.

Gradually you’ll find, that this place of knowing within

becomes your own oracle, compass & closest ally

for every situation

...and naturally ripples out through your being.

Image by mario parente

Lisa Maurer

Deine Sessions sind heilsam wie ein Milch-Honig-Bad. Ich komme raus und fühle mich wie Cleopatra.

Katelyn Crossley

Each session we shared I became teary eyed at least once simply from the power of feeling so seen. This was not just feeling seen by Claire, but rather how Claire invited me to see myself.

Horst Stuffer

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It starts with…

Investing in yourself.

Which means…

Setting the course of your life

into the unfolding of your potential
(so not just knowing about it but by actually making it your priority of becoming)

trusting that this may just be the biggest service
not just to you

but also to the world
(which urges to be touched by your freed up creativity and pleasure)

and to the future that is being shaped in this very moment

of you expressing what humanity is becoming
by fully unearthing who you are.

Ready to discover how to work with me?

Image by Benjamin L. Jones
Oriental graphic element
Oriental graphic element

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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