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Claire Idan-Sun


for Visionaries & Creatives

by being your whole
, passionate Self


There’s a place beyond the Known.

The sacred void.

It is infinitely creative and healing.

All my work comes from this very source, the holy web of Life.


I offer a gentle and powerful yin-based approach for healing, emotional release & dropping into your embodied inner knowing.

I guide you to step out of the way, to allow the creative flow to take the lead and move you into miraculous aligned action.


Gradually you’ll find, that this place of knowing within

becomes your own oracle, compass & trusted ally

in life

...and naturally ripples out into the world, through your being.

I learned to consciously sense my fear and anger and to work with them, not against them!
With Claire, I discovered many more possibilities and ways to be. Not only my mind was learning, but also all other levels of my awarenss. I could sense my perception expanding, especially through Sound Healing the whole body is integrated. Claire lives what she says. That is one of the greatest inspirations. I appreciate the variety of methods: from readings, coaching and working with her fantastic voice and the singing bowls. The authentic application, as needed, opened up whole new worlds for me and through that I gave myself permission to try out more for myself.

Lydia Grossgasteiger, Gestalt Councelor


My intention is that our journey together may ultimately serve you to root and trust in your abilities, so that you always have access to the creative source.

May this work support your Being to fully unfurl on Earth, just as it is supposed to.


And may you discover and love your unique gifts that are aching to be expressed, so that you create ripples of change in our beloved world, by being your truest Self!

You are designed for a purpose. You are needed. You are now safe to effortlessly shine.

Ready to step into this work? (button)


Setting the course of your life

into fully unearthing who you are

may just be your biggest gift to our world and its future generations

The tools I work with

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Sound Healing & Vocal Alchemy

I went through a radical self-healing journey with chronic fatigue. While being mentored by master healers & musicians, my main medicine has been my breath and the reclamation of my voice as a powerful alchemical healing tool

studies of sound healing according to ancient Indian teachings

experiential studies of ancestral healing arts through song

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Soul-based Coaching & Space Holding

Exquisite trauma informed coaching skills for high quality results. 

Soul-based Coaching helps clients

connect with their deepest wisdom to realign the inner structures for powerful change that amplifies outward from the very core. 

honours and supports Life’s creative flow that runs through every human being, without getting in the way, or betraying their integrity.

All connected-demi-kwant-.jpg

Nature, the Invisible & Plant Realms

My biggest source of inspiration since childhood has been Nature/Gaia Consciousness. Within the last decade I have taken part in multiple tribal Nature initiations, which draw wisdom from the plant world & ancestral healing practices.

Trance & Movement Meditation Practices that connect to deep inner resources and root in a field of consciousness beyond the human centred experience.


Lisa Maurer

Deine Sessions sind heilsam wie ein Milch-Honig-Bad. Ich komme raus und fühle mich wie Cleopatra.

horst_webseite 41 - Horst Stuffer_edited.jpg

Horst Stuffer

Innere Bilder, die mir halt geben und mit denen ich arbeiten kann. Mit Verblüffung sehe ich eindrucksvolle, kreative Visionen. Ich finde nun auch Worte, die Gefühle beschreiben, die ich empfinde. Claire hat die wunderbare Gabe mit ihrer Stimme einen Raum zu schaffen, wo Verbindung stattfindet.

FirstProfessionalShot - Katelyn Crossley_edited.jpg

Katelyn Crossley

Each session we shared I became teary eyed at least once simply from the power of feeling so seen. This was not just feeling seen by Claire, but rather how Claire invited me to see myself.

Image by Benjamin L. Jones

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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